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Non-ACPs can create an account here. If you are an ACP you must use the account we provided you with at the time of accreditation.

Overview of the Application Process

Follow the steps and guidance in the submission wizard to submit an application for acceptance of an Emerging Lighting Technology (ELT) product for use in lighting upgrades under the Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula of the Energy Savings Scheme. ELT products that are accepted will be added to the ESS public list of accepted products. Before beginning an application, applicants must check that the product is not already on the public list. If it is already listed, a new application for the product can not be submitted.

Applicants should read the Lighting Equipment Requirements document available here before submitting an application and in particular, note the following requirements: 

  1. Every application must include a completed and signed ELT Application Checklist uploaded in Step 6. The Checklist can be downloaded from here.
  2. Applications from Non-ACPs (ie, those that are not Accredited Certificate Providers, ACPs) must also include evidence that the relevant ELT product has been sponsored by at least two ACPs. Non-ACPs must attach at least two completed and signed ELT Application -Sponsorship Forms in Step 6. The Sponsorship Form can be downloaded from here.
  3. Applications that are incomplete or insufficient will generally be given up to two further opportunities to provide more information via a Request for Further Information (RFI). Following submission of the response to the second RFI, the Scheme Administrator will decide whether to accept or reject the application based on the documentation provided to that point. Applications that are rejected may be resubmitted once all outstanding issues have been addressed.

    2014 vintage ESC creation deadline – 30 June 2015

    2014 vintage ESCs (i.e. for energy savings activities implemented in the 2014 calendar year) must be registered on the ESS Registry by 30 June 2015.  Importantly, you will not be able to register ESCs for implementations that occurred in 2014 as 2015 vintage, whether or not you pro-rate the energy savings i.e. pro-rating energy savings is no longer possible.  At the time of registering ESCs you need to have all supporting evidence, including any ELT approvals.